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TechnoDossier is the best place to find informative articles for all interest groups. Check out articles on tech news, research, programming, software tips and tricks, and much more!

Andy Hughes
Vizzi Biz

Visually Attractive

This webblog is great. You are doing a great job keeping the readers up to date about technology. I also like the design of the website. It is a lot easy to use and visually attractive.


Specialized Communication Vehicle

TechnoDossier is a serious and specialized communication vehicle with regard to the contents disseminated, a reference for those who want to be well informed about the technological world and about the innovation ecosystem.

Edson Zogbi
CEO, EZinnovTools


I am a massive fan of TechnoDossier. When it comes to technology, it is one of the best blogs I have ever seen. We can get updates of most latest and trending information here. I am pleased to say that TechnoDossier is most professional and informative site.
I know Dr. Nidhi Arora personally. She is expert in Artificial Intelligence and web technology and would refer this blog to everyone. She is exceptional technical leader who shares her remarkable knowledge and technical expertise with others through demonstration of exemplary commitment. I really appreciate her outstanding contribution in technology world.

Juhi Srivastava
Sr. HR, SoluSoft Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Practical Tech Tips

Offering so many practical tech tips and handy tools, TechnoDossier is really useful for those who have less tech experience.

PearlMountain Limited

Excellent Know-how for Readers

TechnoDossier is really an excellent website for readers to learn every technology-related information. It provides know-how software, applications, mobile and any other computer-related issues.
It is a very informative site and every post was written in an easy understanding way. So it makes acquiring computer-related knowledge more accessible, appreciate the team behind TechnoDossier.

Rita Fong

Useful and Informative

TechnoDossier is a quite useful website where readers can get useful information. I like reading the posts written by Nidhi Arora.


Rare Combination

It is very difficult to find a person who is good both socially (at heart) and academically (at brain). Dr. Nidhi Arora is such a unique person who has both of these qualities.

A very rich exposure and experience in the fields of academics, industry/corporate world as well as research adds feathers to her cap. Her venture of TechnoDossier is nothing but a blessing for those who want to remain updated with the technology. My best wishes to her.

Prof. Dr. Jatinderkumar R. Saini
Professor & I/C Director, GNFC's Narmada College of Computer Application

Clear and Useful

I love reading TechnoDossier on a weekly basis. It gives clear and useful tips for all tech-related activities. Would recommend to everyone!

Maria Petrova

Great Edu-Tech Pieces

TechnoDossier is a great place to find edu-tech pieces, Dr. Nidhi manages to simplify complex high-tech products in a manner that even non-technical people can understand and relate to!

Priscilla Elora Sharuk, Co-Founder & COO

Exquisitely Simple and Clear

TechnoDossier is full of useful software knowledge. It covers variety of topics explained in an exquisitely simple and clear way. It lets you keep track of recent trends in the field of Information Technology. Moreover, it is also helpful for those who are not from IT background. I am blissful to be subscriber of TechnoDossier and I am sure there would be tons of subscribers in near future. Wish you all the best Nidhi mam!! Keep going… Sky is the limit for TechnoDossier…

Anurag Tripathi
Mechanical Engineer

A Place for Informative Titbits

A class understanding reflected through writing from a fundamental perception of ordinary thinking to critical approach. An attempt to make a discussion-oriented reading experience than the informative one is visible. The finest part is having a variety of topics, like research in latest technologies, useful mobile apps, classroom innovations, updates in MS Office, cloud technology, Artificial Intelligence etc. The lucid flow of relevant information with real-life examples makes the articles irreproachable. another attempt preparing the research articles based on the facts and figures ratter than opinion makes the blogspot, TechnoDossier worthy for the insightful readers. Moreover, concise and precise material illustration eases the stress of time for the busy and yet fervid readers. The regular updates on the relevant topics keeps the subscribers on top of trends with technology.

Dr. Nidhi Arora has been a vehement practitioner when it comes to research and intellectual contribution. She has been an outstanding performer in academic institutions, a quality contributor for the policy designing and a stupendous writer when it comes to literature based on technology. Her vivid experience is reflected in her writings. The TechnoDossier blogspot has been one of the worthy initiatives among her many.

Prof. Mayur Agrawat
Soft-Skill Trainer, Philippines


I always refer this site as it gives very clear, exotic and latest technical information. Very good source for enhancing knowledge in various technical areas.

Rima Shah
Corporate Trainer and Researcher

Lucid and Seamless…

Very lucid and to the point contents. Site content as well as flow is seamless and excellent.Really an informative and full of technical knowledge website. The knowledge about software, applications, mobile and computer related issues accessed by the reader very easily.
Useful for all level users whether the user who want to seek technical aspects or mobile users who is technical novice and concern with shortcut or solution only.
The new simplicity of tricks and techniques are just amazing. An easy-to-use and very effective.

“High Fives!”

Dr. Rekha Savnani
Manish Institute of Management


I am a subscriber of TechnoDossier blogs and every time a blog is posted I get astonished to see the choice of topics. The way Dr. Nidhi is giving justice to each post in all the categories is really amazing. The blogs are informative, well-written and interesting from reader’s viewpoint. I always try to steal some time from my busy schedule to read the blogs without fail. I would say people are clicking just on the right link and its going to be extremely beneficial for all age groups.

Dr. Rajkumar Jha
Founder and CEO, Winlabs Global Skills


Technodossier site is really an informative and full of technical knowledge. Everyone can get the knowledge about software, applications, mobile and computer related issues. I have read its many articles. Really they are awesome. I have never seen this type of site before where you can get tips and tricks of old as well as new technologies. My salute to the administrator and his team for making this informative site for people like us.

Sharma Birender
M.Com, B.Ed

Treasure Trove

I have known Dr. Nidhi since she first ventured into the vast ocean of computer science in pursuit of her master’s degree in computers. The gold medalist mathematics graduate had already laid a strong foundation for herself which she would go on to capitalize and build on with her single mindedness and resolute perseverance. I knew then that she would foray into and succeed exceptionally at specializing in niche areas of that others would not.

I am happy to say that not only has she already achieved what would take most a lifetime to do. I am excited to note that she still seems to be picking up steam and her latest endeavor is going to take her places. Her blog is not only well-intentioned in that it makes expert advice easily accessible, it also is a treasure trove that has gems ranging from the excel tips to articles on advanced AI. In other words, no matter where one falls in the spectrum of IT needs, techno dossier is the one place where they will find the answer that caters to those needs.

Pratik Mehta
Sr. Manager, Capgemini

Great Information

This site is very informative because it gives information about technology. I like the blogs particularly because the author updates the site as the new technology appears in the market. I would like to refer this site to all those who want to know about latest technology.

Gokul Thakkar
Govt. Teacher, Kheda


What I like about TechnoDossier is the variety of topics it covers and the style and language in which it is presented to the readers. I follow all the articles on this site because they are comprehensive in nature. I congratulate the author for providing best information in simplistic way.

Rajesh Patel
Certified Salesforce Developer


I am a regular reader of TechnoDossier blogs. The articles are very interesting and at the same time informative too. The language in which the articles are written is simple and easy to understand. I always wait for the new articles.

Rector, Swaminarayan Gurukul


I am glad to be a subscriber of TechnoDossier. This gives us information about different categories of upcoming technology around the world. I find all the posts appetizing for technology lovers. It covers all aspects of technology. I am sure different communities all over the world will enjoy latest information and innovations in technology. My best wishes for the success of your blog.

Nipa Patel
Director, Abjee Infosolutions Pvt. Ltd.