Tips to Boost your Business Growth through Data Analytics

If you’re looking for ways to take your business to the next level, redesigning your website is a good place to start. Developing your website with growth in mind will help expand your reach, convert more visitors, and turn one-time shoppers into loyal customers. Growth-driven websites also facilitate streamlined business operations by working seamlessly with internal systems. Are you ready to see what a growth-focused website can do for you? These tips from Techno Dossier will help you get started!


Use Data to Inform Your Design Decisions

Instead of making assumptions and using your personal interests to direct your design decisions, turn to your business data. Business process management (BPM) can help you evaluate existing systems and make improvements so they better align with the needs of your customers. Take a look at your website analytics and find out what kind of journeys your customers are taking as they navigate different pages. Does it take them a while to land on your product page? Are they searching for contact information? Do they visit your FAQ page right away? Process mapping can help you uncover what your customers want.

BPM can also automate workflows to make your business run more efficiently. Don’t overlook the impact of business process automation. By analyzing how your data, systems, and people interact, you can redesign processes to create a superior customer experience. Be sure to monitor the effectiveness of your BPM upgrades so you can continue making improvements.


Invest in Cyber Security

Cyber security should be a top priority as you redesign your business. SuperWebPros explains several common cyber security risks that can leave your website vulnerable to hackers wishing to exploit your website’s weak points. These attacks can wreak havoc on your business. Would your reputation recover if someone stole all of your customers’ credit card numbers? Invest in website security features to prevent disasters like this from happening to you.

While you should definitely learn how to prevent cyber attacks, cyber security preparedness can’t guarantee complete protection from risk. It’s always smart to have a data recovery plan in place just in case your business does suffer a cyber attack. A solid recovery plan will allow you to get back up and running as soon as possible after a data loss event.


Build a Cohesive Digital System

Does your website communicate with your internal digital systems? If not, it’s time to make some upgrades. For example, integrating your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool with your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system will save time and help you provide a better customer support experience. Your website should link with your internal tools to automatically update any software you use for email marketing, accounting, inventory management, shipping and fulfillment, and customer support.


Prioritize User-Friendly Design

Redesigning your website is an excellent opportunity to make it more user-friendly. Your customers should be able to navigate your website without reaching out for help. Pulse ISM explains that it should be easy for visitors to quickly scan your website and find the information they’re looking for. Use subheadings, short paragraphs, plenty of white space, and bullet points. Big blocks of text will scare your visitors away before they even find out what your business is all about.

Make sure your website performs well on mobile devices as well. Too often, mobile web pages load slowly or unpredictably, shifting around while you’re trying to read something or click a link. Not only is this bad for conversions, but it can even hurt your SEO! If you’re not sure how to fix these issues, hire an experienced web developer to get your website in shape.

So, we conclude that the websites have evolved in significant ways, moving from text-heavy pages to dynamic, interactive, and highly-visual tools that customers use to engage with their favorite brands. Embrace these modern website features! By making a few impactful upgrades, your website will serve as a powerful tool to facilitate the growth of your business.

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