No 3G or 4G, Get Ready for 5G Technology

Now a days internet data traffic has increased, and existing 3G or 4G data is not ready to handle data traffic of 2030.  According to researchers, today the data traffic has increased by 10000 times of data used in 2010. 5G technology is designed to handle this burden.

5G, known as 5th generation mobile networks, can also be called 5th generation wireless systems. It is IEEE 802.11ac standard based on upcoming mobile wireless standard and of course, the future of telecom industry. 5G is capable to handle 1000X more data volume than current technology. Lots of heavy applications can be connected to 5G in future using Internet of Thing. You will be able to control (switch on/off) your refrigerator, television, microware, fan, air conditioner using your mobile device with help of 5G and IoT.

5G technology

Many companies like Nokia, Samasung and AT&T are working on 5G technology. In the in-house trail by Nokia, they achieved 19.1 Gbps transmission speed over the air. This shows that even huge amount of data can be transferred rapidly with 5G technology and it will enable you to download Full HD or 2K videos in just few seconds.

Key Features

5G is not only designed for calling and data speed, but it has many features. Some of the key features of 5G technology are:

  1. Wireless communication without no limitations
  2. High speed, speed upto 10GBPS
  3. Very fast data transmission
  4. Support very wide range of application for communication
  5. More Security
  6. High Capacity, can handle 100 times more device
  7. Longer battery life
  8. Supportive for Internet Of Things
  9. Broadband experience everywhere anytime
  10. Critical control of remove device

5g with internet of things

As seen in above image, 5G will be a part of our lives providing us every service through our electric devices. 5G is also expected to help to Government to improve services for public, such as traffic steering and management, utility and Energy, emergency and help sector etc. 5G will be very easily used in self driving, connecting all electric devices of home, augmented shopping offering us smart cloths and smart watches and many more. It is going to bring revolution in all kind of industries.

When we are ready to use 5G

We can expect that 5G will be available till 2020. AT&T has already tested the technology in few cities of USA and they are aiming to release for 3 state till December 2017. In India, Airtel and BSNL have tied up with Nokia and Jio has tied up with SAMSUNG to bring 5G technology to Indian customers.


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