Beat the Password Security Threats with Myki

Every one of us have multiple accounts for online shopping, banking, emailing and social networking. It is of course not easy to remember passwords of this sheer bulk of accounts and it’s quite natural not to recall those which you might not have used for past few days.

An obvious solution for easy-goers is to keep either the same password for all the accounts or to keep guessable passwords. But in both the cases they are unknowingly inviting people with malicious intentions to create trouble. In the view of safety, many people make sure to choose strong passwords and change them frequently. By doing this they are increasing their burden of remembering the latest passwords. People who cannot remember their passwords try to find ways to store them at secure location either on computers or mobiles while some others use third party tools to recollect the password when required. This gives rise to the possibility that someone else can get access to your documents just by breaking a single password.

This is always a matter of debate whether these cloud-based password managers can be trusted to store all your passwords which in turn are responsible for security all your important and private information. The reason behind this uncertainty is due to the level of security offered by these tools. People are unaware of how exactly their information is stored and whether their data is properly encrypted or not.

Myki Inc. solves the password storage problem for all who don’t believe in storing their passwords on cloud. The Myki app has been conceptualized as the non cloud-based password manager and authenticator designed with a solution to all possible privacy threats. Myki acts as a vault that stores an encrypted copy of your passwords and sensitive data. You unlock the vault with your fingerprint. Your passwords are not stored in the cloud which prevents unwanted access to your accounts in case servers get compromised.

Myki saves usernames and passwords away from the cloud, and allows you to login on any device upon pairing your Myki app with your computer. Pairing is made in a P2P encrypted manner. It neither records your browsing data nor tracks your keypress or mouse events giving you freedom to store all your passwords and use them any time.

Accessing All Accounts


Key Features of Myki

  • It stores your passwords only on your phone instead of keeping its copy on the cloud. This prevents hackers from stealing your data from a remote location. The metadata is stored in the cloud in case you wish to synchronize it across devices.


  • You can pair your phone with your computer by installing Myki browser extension in any browser and by scanning the QR code on your computer with the Myki app. The communication between Myki app on your mobile and computer is through a P2P secured link to provide you a strong defense against the data compromise.


  • It uses AES-256 encryption for traffic between your phone and Myki servers in both directions while the randomized key is encrypted using RSA-2048.


  • The encryption key ensures secure communication between the app and your computer. When you disconnect the Myki app from your computer, chrome extension removes all sensitive data exchanged during the session along with the key from both the ends. This also enforces an automatic log off from all the accounts to which Myki logged you.


  • Myki gives you the option to generate a secure continuous backup of your accounts in the form of “.myki” file. This file can be stored on a personal computer or on a trusted secure device that you pair your Myki app with. This allows you to recover your data in case something happens to your phone. On the other hand, one has to be careful while signing up to Myki app on a new device with same phone number used earlier on different device. If this happens, Myki app cleans all the data and backups of the app on the old device.


  • Data in your smartphone is secured by your fingerprint. What happens if the Myki user’s phone is stolen and the defaulter has access to Myki extension? The answer lies in above feature. As soon as the Myki user installs Myki on new device, the data located on the stolen device will automatically be wiped off!


Autofill Paswords

  • All your important passwords can be used on both; your computer and the Myki app. This can be done by adding the passwords to Myki app and then syncing your app with your computer with Myki extension. You can store the passwords on myki app for selected websites in one of the following ways:

1. By typing in your credentials in Myki App
2. By saving your credentials on a synced Myki chrome extension
3. By importing your accounts from your password manager via Myki chrome extension

Keeping passwords and other confidential information safe is a challenge for every individual. Nothing that is stored on Myki goes to the cloud, making it a safe option for storing passwords and important documents.

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