History Adventures World of Characters App

History Adventures, World of Characters is a fully interactive digital book series. The app represents a fresh approach to history education, designed for today’s digital generation.


History Adventures is an app-based learning solution developed by Spencer Striker, specialized in Digital Media Design, with an international team of animators, artists, designers, and historians. History Adventures, World of Characters, Book 3: 1750-1900 is now available for download in 51 countries around the world for free for a limited time only.

History Adventures, World of Characters, a fully animated, interactive, narrative-driven digital book series, is aimed to bring the pages of history to life, and to ignite a lifelong interest for learning about history. This multimodal learning experience combines the latest in mobile entertainment with the power of narrative design—bringing the pages of history to life.

The goal of the app is two-fold:

  • To ignite a lifelong fascination for learning about history
  • To prepare students for the AP World History: Modern exam.

Some of the key design concepts which make History Adventures a uniquely impactful learning experience are:

  • The product utilizes a cross-disciplinary history curriculum with custom-designed curriculum, optimized for digital learning.
  • fuyuko-historyAdventures-fullColor


  • It leverages the latest in mobile entertainment design combining motion comics, cinematics, animation, branching paths, original music, and sound design etc. to make the learning experience compelling, intuitive, and fun.
  • ioannina-historyAdventures-photorealistic


  • It utilizes the power of story, narrating the experiences of people who lived in past centuries—in different epochs and locations around the globe.
  • luisGutierrez-historyAdventures-illustrated


  • Users of this app can witness the real moments these very real people lived through, as if they are around there.
  • Single_char_banner_Agent_03


  • The app’s empathy is inspired by quality storytelling, which generates interest in users.

The big picture goal of History Adventures, World of Characters is to make the connection between past and present more visceral, tangible, and real—and in the process spark enthusiasm for learning about the past… and bring the pages of history to life.

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