What is Intelligence in Artificial Intelligence?

Technology is changing at a very high pace day by day. Since the invention of computers, they are growing in terms of their features. Their capability to perform various tasks is growing exponentially. New devices have been developed which are becoming compact in size and rich in functionality.

The power of computer systems has improved in terms of their diverse working domains, their increasing speed, and reducing size with respect to time. These features have made our life much easier than before. All this is just because of the fast-growing technology.

Artificial Intelligence(AI) is everywhere around us. The most common is voice recognition in your mobile phone for getting navigation on map. Google uses Artificial Intelligence to bring your search results, movie suggestions on Netflix and Amazon are based on Artificial Intelligence and Siri, Alexa and Google assistant interact with you using Artificial Intelligence. Artificial Intelligence is a broad area of Computer Science which makes machines portray to have human-like Intelligence. Artificial Intelligence is not just about programming a computer to obey rules to drive a car. But Artificial Intelligent machine should function in a much effective manner and independently like a human to a certain extent to take decisions.


What Does Intelligence Refer to?

Intelligent machines do not refer to those which can solve any complex problem which human beings are slow at. People consider calculators to be intelligent as they perform those operations correctly and quickly which humans cannot. Calculators can solve these problems because they are pre-programmed by humans. In fact, they lack ability to learn new things. Likewise, humans have created many computing machines to solve complex mathematical problems, but those are not actually intelligent. Whatever these machines do, is pre-programmed, the way we want them to do. So, there is nothing intelligent in these computing machines. Their architecture, mechanism and behavior everything is controlled by humans. Intelligent machines, on the other hand, are not pre-programmed to solve problems. These machines interact with the environment, have ability to think and learn over a period of time.

Humans are most intelligent creatures we know. Artificial Intelligence is a branch of computer science with an inherent goal to design and create systems capable of doing things like human beings. Most interestingly, all these tasks should be done by these systems independently showing intelligent behavior. Human beings have peculiar characteristics of understanding, thinking, learning and decision-making. This all happen because of a strong network of neurons in human brain which has tendency to learn. These neurons collectively work to contribute to human’s intelligence. The structure and functioning capability of human brain is replicated to induce cognitive capabilities to computer systems. This results into programmed intelligence which is termed as Artificial Intelligence and hence intelligent computers are named Artificial Intelligent machines.

Human Brain


Intelligence in Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence refers to intelligence brought into devices or applications to provide them the capability of carrying out tasks to mimic human beings including learning, reasoning, problem-solving, perception and understanding. Humans can read and write textual information. When computer systems can process language, this forms the field of Natural Language Processing. Natural language processing provides these systems with the understanding to handle information encoded by humans. Humans can speak and listen to communicate through language. This is the field of speech recognition when computer systems can understand and generate speech. Humans can use their eyes and other sense organs to create images of what they see. When computer systems capture and recognize through the cameras, this becomes the field of Computer vision. Computer vision instructs computers on how to interpret images and scenes.

Humans can perceive changes in the environment to move around and act accordingly. When computer systems perform actions based on the perceptions, the field is termed as Robotics. This is the most common field of AI which people can easily relate when they hear anything about AI. AI machines with human-like structure with basic qualities like seeing, listening, speaking and sensing the environment are robots. The field of robotics has grown a lot recently due to progress in Artificial Intelligence. This has given power to the robots to replicate even the wisdom and sophistication. Hence, Artificial Intelligence is the study to create intelligent machines to learn anything we want, to reason and to solve complex problems accurately in no time.

Humans have ability to find differences among similar patterns and similarities among different ones. Computer systems having this ability are said to do pattern recognition. All these fields find their basis from statistics. Humans learn through natural learning process under the supervision of guardians and even by observing things in the environment while the learning process of computer systems is called statistical learning. This make computer systems to act and behave as intelligently as humans.

We are living in the world of machines. We see air conditioners, refrigerators, cameras, video games, traffic lights, etc. around us and all these machines look smart to us. Our refrigerators, air conditioners, etc. are capable of sensing the outside temperature, processing it and adjusting the temperature accordingly. At signals we see traffic lights changing automatically to control traffic even during heavy traffic. So, do you think these machines are intelligent, as they take decisions based on changes in the environment?

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